Life Lessons

A Lesson in Desperation

Indeed not everything that glitters is gold.

Not everything opportunity is a ‘blessing’.

Not everything that looks attractive is good.

Never get so desperate for anything in life that you start to think or feel like you have no options, that you totally depend on it.

Remember, you always have a choice.

At the point of desperation is where slavery starts; slavery to that which you’re desperate for: love, career, friendship, wealth, fame, anything…

At the point of desperation, all logic, reasoning, core values are cast aside.

Decisions are made irrationally only to be regretted much later…

At the point of desperation is the beginning of suffering; suffering to claim or possess that which you’re desperate for.

Desperation is arguably the greatest weakness known to man.

Desperation starts at the point when you feel you don’t deserve better, getting better is impossible, you’re not good enough for better…

Desperation makes you feel like you’ve got no choice and makes you settle for less.

The sad truth is that when you finally get what you were so desperate for, and the end result of suffering starts, all the thoughts that made you desperate in the first instance vanish and reality sinks in.

Disillusioned, then it dawns on you that what you were so clingy and desperate about wasn’t even worth it or much…

P.S: There’s an exception to what we can be desperate for and that is knowing Christ and wanting more of Him…

Love and Grace,


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