Life Lessons

Passion and Pursuit

Personal Change depends on you. Change happens when you’re ready to make it happen.

I want to tell you a little story about myself first.

At the end of my junior secondary education (middle school), my school organised a vocational aptitude test, so each student could figure out their interests, natural academic abilities and passion inclinations.

This was carried out to help place students in the right class for senior secondary school (high school).

When I got my results, my placement was art.

According to the test results, I had ‘artistic abilities’ and interest and was deemed best suited for art class. However, I wondered what I’d do with art and how I could make a viable, thriving career from it. I wanted to be an accountant and work in a bank. So I opted instead for commercial class.

On being in the class, I was not getting along well with the curriculum, I wasn’t grabbing or understanding most of what was being taught, and on my first assessment test, I failed woefully.

On practical steps to changing your life from the status quo,

  • Insightful introspection.

I knew it was time for some sober reflection. As something was obviously very wrong and I needed to figure it out. My discovery was that I actually didn’t like or enjoy commercial class and that’s why I couldn’t cope. I couldn’t assimilate or understand as I was in the wrong place.

  • Strategizing a way forward

I thought to myself what the way forward should be, it was a decision I needed to make fast. I’d remain a Dundee, a dunce if I stayed where I was as passion and interest is directly linked to performance. I started to think about what I was actually good at, and realized I’d always been naturally gifted with flare for the sciences.

  • Decide on change

I’d made my decision. Off to science class I went, I made the switch halfway through the first term of the first year. I had to work twice as hard as everyone else, having so much to catch up with. However, as soon as I was there, I knew I was right where I belonged. I flowed excellently well, I did extremely fine in my first assessment test there. At the end of the first term, I was number one in my class and I knew I’d made the right decision.

You might wonder why I didn’t just stay at commercial and push forward, work harder…

Working hard at the wrong THING is futile, a waste of time and effort. So you need to figure out the RIGHT THING for you first. It’s easy to try to work hard as long as the interest and passion is there. That’s how motivation works.

Of course science wasn’t without its challenges, but the thing is I had the interest, it was always there and so I was able to surmount the obstacles.

One such I’d briefly narrate is my issue with further mathematics. It was hard, yes. However, there was an option of switching to physical education but I wanted further mathematics more. The fact that it was hard and challenging made me want it all the more. I struggled with it for all of my first year. However, beginning of my second year, I had a breakthrough. I got a new teacher and a new textbook, plus I spent a lot of extra time studying it.

So I got the RIGHT TOOLS: teacher, textbook and time.

In the end, the investments paid off tremendously. At the end of my three years, I sat for my final qualifying examination and I did extremely well in further mathematics, I even had a higher grade in it than I did in general mathematics.

I believe and I’m convinced that, the point of convergence between interest, passion and talent is the birthplace for success.

What you need to push for change are two:

  1. The right things
  2. The right tools

Pursuit makes sense when there’s passion. It’s ‘easy’.

A lot of us complain about the status quo, of being dissatisfied and unfulfilled, of wanting more…

But many times, we lack the guts to make the moves to push us forward, to the place we truly want to be.

Is it cowardice I wonder?

Or is our fantasy of what’s ideal for us simply not enough to give us the passion to change our reality?

We’re content in discontent, complacent in our little comfort bubble.

Unwilling to stretch ourselves and see what else really is there.

What more there could possibly be.

The thing is, we’d never know if we don’t try.

Life won’t simply hand you what you want, it requires you to go for it. It rewards the gutsy, and yes… There’s the fear, the possibility of failure but that shouldn’t even be a deterrent, For failure is but a learning opportunity, you simply learn what not to do and a new or perhaps better way of doing something right.

The hard core truth is that, nothing will change for itself except you actually change it.

So it’s up to you, to choose to be subservient and accept whatever life throws at you, or to rise above it, to reach for more…

What would you choose today?

It’s folly to worry and complain about something that you have the power to change.

Create your own miracle. A life worth living, worth waking up to daily. A thriving, satisfying one.

Know that you were made to not merely live, but to thrive.

Be more, be all that you can be. I strive to be a better version of myself and I desire that we all grow to become our best selves.

Compliments of the season🥰. Thank you all for sticking with this girl for this long.

Have a Merry, super, duper, wonderful and amazing Christmas celebration 😘❤️

Love and Grace,

© Zizi 2019

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  1. Words on marble : “I believe and I’m convinced that, the point of convergence between interest, passion and talent is the birthplace for success.”
    Thanks Zizi.

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