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The Will of God.

Sometime ago, I was always of the opinion that the will of God will be something that’ll be ‘easy’ for me to do, ‘stress-free’…

So whenever something proved to be too difficult for me, I would just quit assuming it wasn’t God’s will for me. How wrong I was.

For a fact, ‘the will of God won’t take you where His grace can’t keep you’.
I was a strong believer in: ‘The gifts of God makes rich and added no sorrow’. How I gravely misinterpreted that.

So I always believed if it was from God, it should be painless…
Forgetting that behind every pain lies a purpose. There’s nothing on earth without a purpose. If we feel otherwise, it’s only because we haven’t discovered the purpose of that thing yet.

‘The will of God won’t take you where His grace can’t keep you’.

So, a very key point to note is:
There’s no pain without purpose. Dare I say it works in the reverse (no purpose without pain).
God didn’t promise us eternal bliss here, or a life void of challenges and all. He simply promised us consistent victory through it all.
Paul was in the perfect will of God for His life, yet he went to prison. Our dear Lord Jesus was also in His perfect will, yet went to the cross.

So let me debunk the myth that because we feel or think something is ‘divine’ or ‘the will of God’ that it’ll be void of challenges or even pain.
Our comfort lies in the Truth we know. So despite the pain we feel or the challenges we experience, we don’t give up, we don’t give in because we’re assured of victory…

Love and Grace,


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I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below. Kindly share as well😊. Gracias 😄

5 thoughts on “The Will of God.”

  1. He’ll be with us through the fire. God doesn’t say He’ll take the fire away. The fire is important to fine tune us into what He wants us to be. Nice write Darazizi. We’re rooting for you.👍🏽

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  2. You’ve said it so beautifully, our comfort lies in the Truth we know.

    The challenge is that we don’t yet know this Truth. And until we do and begin to see things from God’s perspective, we will continue to struggle with accepting His WILL. We get God’s perspective by constantly fellowshipping with Him. Through the fire, through the storm, He is right there with us.

    Victory is assured so I’d rather be in His Will than elsewhere.

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