Life Lessons

3 Tips on a Financial Guide to Surviving Adulthood

This year has been quite eventful on its own, full of new experiences, challenges and adventures. A new phase of adulting is what it has been. One feature, that has been a prominent occurrence and my least favorite, is "financial worry" - having financial concerns, having to worry about money... What I've learnt is how… Continue reading 3 Tips on a Financial Guide to Surviving Adulthood

Life Lessons


One principle I love to practice in my life, especially physically, is that of decluttering. As much as I love keeping stuff (physically) and memories (mentally), I also know when I've held on long enough, and when to let go without regrets, having fully maximized their utility. It gets to a point, when certain stuff,… Continue reading LETTING GO

Thoughts about God

Living Life Trusting God

Lessons about God are brought about by life's experiences. Experiences I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. It's amazing learning about Him through mundane, everyday situations. It's a fun way to grow... Experiencing life with God. Have you ever thought about it, the possibility, that the very thing you're running away from, and so… Continue reading Living Life Trusting God

Love and Life

Before You Say Yes Ever; Think!

I remember a point in my life where I couldn't quite say "NO". I hadn't understood or harnessed it's power. The freedom and liberation it brings. I often found myself saying so many yeses, to things quite unacceptable for me. Agreeing to tasks, offers, requests, responsibilities and all sorts of financial commitments. In the end,… Continue reading Before You Say Yes Ever; Think!